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Nephew: Gene Wilder, star of Mel Brooks movies, dies at 83

Gene Wilder, the star of such comedy classics as "Young Frankenstein" and "Blazing Saddles," has died. He was 83.

Published: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 20:48:01 GMT

New store to bring 250 jobs to Grovetown

The new Grovetown Kroger will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday at 10 a.m.

Published: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 16:39:54 GMT

How to check for your flood risk status

Many people don't suspect a flood could happen to them, and by then, its too late. Home insurance companies won't cover floods. Homeowners need to know the risk of flooding for their home and get flood insurance.

Published: Fri, 26 Aug 2016 04:23:13 GMT

Mayor details big plans for Aiken's downtown

Aiken Mayor Rick Osbon revealed new business initiatives to get the ball rolling for new growth and business downtown.

Published: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 23:47:11 GMT

Parents raise concerns over transportation in Aiken County

Parents are bringing concerns to the Aiken School Board tonight after being told their kids cannot ride the bus due to district policy.

Published: Tue, 23 Aug 2016 23:12:52 GMT

UPDATE| 400 gallon diesel spill causes headaches along Mike Padgett

Another semi truck accident along Mike Padgett and neighbors hope construction will help.

Published: Wed, 17 Aug 2016 22:01:27 GMT

School discipline changing for Aiken County schools

It's part of a new philosophy taking the focus away from punishment and back on getting kids on the right track.

Published: Tue, 16 Aug 2016 22:56:12 GMT

Pennies going a long way in Aiken County, but they could go further

Several schools around the county are getting an upgrade thanks to the penny tax, something many taxpayers are coming around to.

Published: Mon, 15 Aug 2016 22:36:37 GMT

Muslim community hold rally in New York after fatal shooting

Members of the Bangladeshi Muslim community are holding a rally at the site where an imam and his friend were fatally shot while walking home from a mosque.

Published: Sun, 14 Aug 2016 00:49:01 GMT

UPDATE| Clothing store owner says he saw shooting at Raleigh Mall

Police responding to a shooting at a busy mall in Raleigh say they haven't found anyone with gunshot wounds.

Published: Sun, 14 Aug 2016 00:39:33 GMT